Battery Assembly Protection

Lose Weight, Save Space. Be Sustainable With AeroZero®

Our technical team of electronic & thermal experts collaborate closely with battery-construction teams in order to make safe & sustainable batteries.

Our AeroZero® technology improves energy efficiency by reducing heat loads and hotspots, particularly in tight places.


Aircrafts & Drones

With aircrafts and drones becoming more sophisticated and advanced, AeroZero® solves the vehicles’ thermal management and RF transparency issues.

Blueshift strives to provide the most efficient rotorcraft and drone solutions to our customers.


Missiles & Smart Weapons

AeroZero® Thermal Protection Systems allow for projectiles to travel farther, process data faster, and engage targets with greater precision. 

AeroZero properties of low thermal conductivity and low dielectric constant make it the best candidate for missiles and armaments that require a lightweight insulation that are directed with sensors and remotes.

Speciality Electronics

Electric Vehicle Batteries

As the world transitions to more sustainable practices for batteries and energy storage, our customers are seeing a dramatic trend toward renewable and highly efficient batteries. Cars, boats, and even planes are switching to environmentally friendly substitutes, like batteries, as a primary source of energy. 

To replace traditionally powered systems, these next generation high-performance batteries emit elevated temperatures, creating new thermal challenges. AeroZero® Thermal Barriers control heat from high-powered batteries, resulting in a more durable and energy efficient system.