AeroZero® Thermal Barriers

Heat generated from a battery or other power source must be controlled or directed, otherwise the power source can overheat and dissipate heat to its surroundings. This increase in temperature can cause other nearby power sources to behave similarly, resulting in a thermal runaway. If unmaintained, overheating can cause catastrophic results such as system failure, fire, or even explosion.

Standard Size

  • Letter sized (8.5″ x 11″) sheets
  • Longer rolls available upon request

Standard Substrates

  • High Temperature Adhesive
  • Graphite
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

Where are Thermal Barriers Used?

Thermal barriers are commonly utilized in any applications that have a temperature-sensitive area that must be protected. Specifically in the world of Aerospace, thermal barriers are often used to maintain heat from radiating from an engine to the cockpit, or even in fire-retardant cargo containers to limit the risk of a fire spreading through the aircraft. Thermal barriers are also commonly used for electronic vehicle battery casings to protect batteries from overheating or spreading heat to other components in the system.

AeroZero® is most notable for being incredibly porous (80-85%), as well as having an incredibly thin profile and low thermal conductivity/rate of heat transfer, making it ideal for transient thermal events & applications. It’s low density & thermal properties allow for it to be easily incorporated into multi-layer thermal barriers and heat shields that meet and exceed our customers thermal requirements. By incorporating AeroZero into thermal barrier designs, the result is ideal for hot spot elimination and control of heat flow within confined spaces. AeroZero heat shields and thermal barriers offer next-generation solutions for our customers complex design requirements.

To help limit thermal runaway from occurring, many applications incorporate thermal barriers. In addition, thermal barriers come in a variety of formats including blankets, laminates, and mats. These insulation barriers typically contain fiberglass, ceramic, or other polyimide materials that have a very wide temperature range and provide a low thermal conductivity or rate of heat transfer. AeroZero® thermal barriers (AZ-TB) provide a combination of low thermal conductivity and diffusivity, while in an ultra-thin and lightweight profile, allowing for controlled and efficient thermal management.

Benefits of AeroZero® Thermal Barriers

Exceptionally Thin Profile

With AeroZero® film being 165um to start, we are able to manufacture competitive thermal barriers at 1/5 of the thickness. AeroZero film is also incredibly lightweight (density is 0.27g/cm3), which allows for increased payload and provides weight saving to the entire system.

Process Friendly Materials

AeroZero® thermal barriers contain sustainable, and process-friendly materials trending toward the theme environmentally favored products. They can be machined and cut to specific dimensions without any health hazards.

Chemically Resistant & Flexible

Polyimides such as AeroZero® are inherently chemically resistant, allowing for them to be used in combination with other materials without apprehension. In addition, AZ-TB are incredibly flexible, and can be formed to fit within and around complex shapes.

Ultra-High Temperature Resistance

Our AeroZero® thermal barriers protect sensitive components from temperatures that traditional thermal barriers are unable to support. This allows for systems to generate more power without concern the system being thermally disrupted.