Frequently Asked Polymer Aerogel Questions

Does AeroZero®Contain Silica?

Most aerogels on the market are made of silica compounds, but AeroZero® is made up of a 100% organic polymer and does not contain any silica. The internal construction of the polymer is highly porous and is responsible for its remarkable properties. Silica was originally used for aerogel manufacturing for its ability to mold together and maintain a porous structure, but it is extremely brittle. Blueshift polymer aerogel can withstand higher stress levels than silica aerogel and is more durable for integrating into real world designs.

What Adhesives Work Well With AeroZero®?

One major added feature of AeroZero® polymer aerogel is adhesives can be used to bond the material. Silica aerogel is hard to work with because traditional adhesives do not bond with it. We do have experience marrying AeroZero® with various silicone, acrylic, and epoxy adhesives and we will test whatever adhesive you have in mind. We recommend different adhesives application requirements.

Why Is One Side Of The Films More Glossy Than The Other?

One side of the rolled film is more glossy than the other because of the manufacturing process that we use to produce the rolled film polymer aerogel. The entire material is made up of 100% polyimide and the surface energy is the same on the glossy and non-glossy side.

Do You Need Adhesives In Order To Bond AeroZero® To Other Materials?

It is not necessary for adhesives to be uses and some of our clients have used AeroZero® in multi-layer structures without the use of adhesives. Because Polymer aerogel has higher strength and durability it is possible to incorporate AeroZero® in a diverse array of manufacturing processes. Our Rolled Film Polymer Aerogel can be sewn together with other materials making it easy to integrate into clothing designs and insulation. Some of our clients have used AeroZero® in multi-layer structures without the use of adhesives. We can help you test any integration you have in mind.

Can AeroZero® Be Laminated To Metals?

Clients have successfully laminated to copper and aluminum using adhesive materials. Because our Aerogel is made of organic polymer, adhesives have a surface to bond to. Silica aerogel may be porous, but silicone does not easily bond with traditional applications. Vapor deposited aluminum has also successfully been bonded onto AeroZero® which opens up opportunities for other applications.

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