Aerozero® Thermal Protection Systems

Our thermal protection systems lead the way in the aerospace, defense, and speciality electronic sectors. 

Rocket Engine with aerozero technology

Our Structured Air Technology

Our Aerozero® platform utilizes a structured air technology. The 85% air base material can be combined with unique substrates to create a product that is truly unique in its ability to minimize fluctuations in thermal activity. 


Aerozero® Thermal Protection Systems (AZ-TPS)

Standard Substrates

Graphite, High Temperature Adhesive, ESD Black/Metallized Kapton, Molybdenum

Roll to roll format

Our thermal protection product is made in a roll-to-roll format which can be specialized according to your thermal needs

Specialized for your needs

Our team of thermal specialists works with you to capitalize on the development of our preexisting products or to create an entirely new technology that fits your thermal needs.

Remaking Thermal protection

Our line of Aerozero® products has reshaped the world of thermal solutions due to its ability to reduce heat loads and hotspots, particularly in tight places.

High strength-to-density ratio

The thin, flexible, and light make of our product that allows for easy use does not diminish its ability to act as an excellent thermal regulator.

Low thermal conductivity and diffusivity

High capability to prevent thermal changes to pass through the material. Low rate for which heat is able to pass through the AZ-TPS.

Ease of Application

Our AZ-TPS has a thin, flexible, and lightweight make which allows it to be easily applied to uniquely shaped technologies and tight spaces. Once it has been applied, it can be peeled off, or bonded over for further thermal protection.

Low Refractive Index

AZ-TPS uses a structured air technology that contributes to it's extremely low refractive index.


A transient thermal event is a period in which a system experiences extreme variation in temperature over time. Often this rapid temperature change occurs quickly.

Cycled heat occurs when a device changes in temperature, returns to its baseline, and repeats.

Our AZ-TPS provides superior insulation in extreme temperature regimes (-200C to 600C+).
What is a Transient Thermal Event? What is cycled heat?
AZ-TPS are designed for tight space applications, most having less than 1 mm of available space. Comprised of 85% air, AeroZero® has a low density of 0.27 g/cm3, reducing overall weight of the payload. AZ-TPS is perfect for situations in which there is a transient thermal event and/or cycled heat.

AZ- TPS is used for cork replacements, cable wraps, hot spot eliminations, radome protection and thermal barriers, among other things.
What can AZ-TPS be used for?
Installation tends to be static and thick - making it ineffective during transient thermal events, cycled heat situations. Installation can also be thick, hard-to-apply, and has a much lower ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Aerogels can be inflexible, difficult to apply, and impractical under extreme thermal situations. Moreover, they cannot be applied with other substrates making our product truly unique. Contrary to silica-based aerogels, AeroZero® is 100% polyimide. This prevents outgassing or silica particulate interfering with other components of the application.
How does AZ-TPS differ from installation and typical aerogels?

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