Standard Size

  • Letter sized (8.5″ x 11″) sheets
  • Longer rolls available upon request

Standard Superstrates

  • High Temperature Adhesive
  • ESD Black/Metallized Kapton
  • Graphite
  • Molybdenum

AeroZero® Thermal Protection Systems

All space exploration vehicles, while entering or exiting the atmosphere, experience rapid temperature change caused by aerodynamic heating. As a result, these spacecrafts must protect internal and external components sensitive to heat through the use of a Thermal Protection System (TPS).

AeroZero® Thermal Protection Systems (AZ-TPS) allow for the control of heat flow when challenging temperature or space restrictions exist that impede the use of legacy insulators.  Our technical team of thermal experts collaborate closely with the leading innovative Aerospace & Defense customers to push the limits of new thermal management solutions and create systems to meet requirements never been achieved.

See What AeroZero® Can Do For You!

We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions to tackle application challenges. Learn more about how AZ-TPS enables innovative designs and contact Blueshift today.

AZ-TPS are the first Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) in the world that are manufactured in continuous rolls from polymer aerogels and cut to shape in Blueshift’s fabrication plant in central Massachusetts, USA. Blueshift designs AZ-TPS that improve aircraft and weapon energy efficiency by reducing heat loads and hotspots, particularly in tight places.

The unique combination of low thermal conductivity and diffusivity, high heat tolerance, ultra-low dielectric properties, high strength-to-density ratio – all in a very thin profile, integrate to make AZ-TPS a preferred option in demanding aerospace and defense thermal management applications, especially those with Transient Thermal Events (TTE).

What is a Transient Thermal Event?

A transient thermal event (TTE) can be described as period in which a system experiences variation in temperature over time. In the aerospace and defense markets, many applications encounter rapid temperature change during a very short window of time. Consequently, they require a thermally resistant or reflective blanket/layer to protect the device from those extreme temperatures.

AZ-TPS provide a combination of ultra-low thermal conductivity and diffusivity, while incorporating a reflective external layer to further drive away temperature change. AZ-TPS is primarily used for cork replacements, cable wraps, hot spot eliminations, radome protection and thermal barriers, among other things. An Ashby plot showing thermal conductivity vs thermal diffusivity for several classes of materials can be seen in Figure 1. For applications requiring thermal insulation, materials having especially low values for both properties are most desirable.

Various polymers, elastomers and foamed materials generally provide these properties, with AeroZero® providing an ideal combination of both properties. AeroZero-TPS are custom designed for specific application requirements, allowing for a controlled rate of heat transfer through the material.

Figure 1AeroZero thermal properties plotted on the Ashby Thermal Conductivity-Thermal Diffusivity Chart

Benefits of AeroZero® TPS

Extreme Temperature Protection

By incorporating AZ-TPS with low thermal conductivity and diffusivity, the system can slow down the rate at which heat is transferred through the structure. Our AZ-TPS provide superior insulation in extreme temperature regimes (-200C – 600C +).

Incredibly Lightweight

Saving weight and space is often the largest concern of vehicles headed to space. AZ-TPS are designed for tight space applications, most having less than 1 mm of available space. Comprised of 85% air, AeroZero® has a very low density of 0.27 g/cm3, reducing overall weight of the payload.

Ease of Use & Installation

AZ-TPS are easily applied and bonded directly to areas experiencing aerodynamic heating. Once an AZ-TPS has been applied, it can simply be peeled off, or bonded over for further thermal protection.

Clean & Safe Polymer Aerogel Technology

Contrary to silica-based aerogels, AeroZero® is 100% polyimide. This removes any concern of outgassing or silica particulate interfering with other components of the application.