Thermal Protection Systems

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Blueshift designs, develops, and delivers efficient thermal protection systems (AZ-TPS) based on our core AeroZero® polyimide aerogel film technology. Our thermal solutions unlock our customers’ performance and business growth by helping them to solve their most difficult thermal issues. Blueshift develops extensive customer collaborations that extend beyond technical teams and lab benches. We provide effective custom solutions for the most pressing transient thermal events facing the aerospace, defense, and speciality electronic sectors today.

The Blueshift Way

A framework modeled on a hands-on, expert-led, co-development approach.


Our products are lighter, stronger, and more flexible than any other solution on the market.


Our targeted thermal protection systems preserve vital equipment across aerospace, defense, and speciality electronic sectors.


We ensure reliable performance at the highest level in all that we do.

Our Partners

Helping to drive our technology forward.


Thermal Barriers
Thermal Management
Thermal Protection Systems
Thermal Runaway
Ultra Low Loss Material
RF Transparency

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Interview with Blueshift President, Tim Burbey

Interview with Blueshift President, Tim Burbey

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