About Blueshift

Blueshift Materials, Inc. developed and manufactures in a roll-to-roll format a thin, high performance polymer aerogel film called AeroZero® and AeroZero laminates. AeroZero is 80-85% air, and the company has branded it Structured Air. The film thus has low density, high porosity, extremely low dielectric constant and loss tangent, and extremely low thermal conductivity. AeroZero retains most of the key properties of polyimide: wide operating temperature range (-200 C to +260 C), inherent flame retardancy, etc. Polyimides are widely accepted in aerospace and electronics applications.

Polymer Aerogel Manufacturing Facilities

Blueshift operates out of a 50,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Spencer, MA. Utilizing our state-of-the-art production equipment, we are able to make roll to roll film-based AeroZero® at commercial scale to support our customers’ growing demand.

Applications & Research Lab

Our manufacturing process starts with our proprietary polymerization. Our patented technology creates a strong molecular polymer gel. The polymer gel is shaped with molds or cast with a film. The liquid in the shape is replaced with air to leave a polymer skeleton with nano-scale voids. We have developed manufacturing technologies to commercialize polymer aerogels.


Since 2015 we have worked hard to develop a versatile polymer aerogel product line and streamline our manufacturing process. We are currently based in Spencer, Massachusetts in a testing facility with research and development labs.


Our team is dedicated towards answering your questions and making sure AeroZero® fits your specific application. Request info about Blueshift’s technology and discover what AeroZero® can do for you.