Blueshift Announces First Ever Continuous Production Line for Polymer Aerogel Films

SAN MARCOS, Texas – February 28, 2018 – Blueshift Materials, Inc. today announced the construction of its new AeroZero® polymer aerogel film production line, to meet increasing global demand for this thermal management material in weight-sensitive, extreme temperature, and energy-efficient applications.

The new production line secures a capacity increase of nearly 1 million square feet, further increasing Blueshift’s lead as the world’s largest polymer aerogel film producer. Scheduled for availability in October 2018, the additional capacity will be welcomed by a market eager for larger volumes of the groundbreaking thermal management material, AeroZero®. This proprietary polyimide aerogel film will be available in thicknesses of 5 mil (125 micron) and 10 mil (250 micron).

This infrastructure investment is part of Blueshift’s multi-year technology strategy to develop advanced manufacturing processes for its AeroZero® products. Most aerogels are produced with batch processes, which do not lend themselves to high-volume manufacturing. Blueshift overcame this limitation by applying engineering skills to translate its batch process into a continuous process.

“We have been making AeroZero® films in a batch process for a few years now, but the process is long and does not optimize our products’ potential. This new-to-the-world process design enables us to take our manufacturing capabilities to the next level,” said David Anderson, Vice President of Operations, Blueshift. “With this new design, our production time will be measured in minutes instead of weeks and it will enable AeroZero® film to be converted into multi-layer laminate composites.”

Blueshift will leverage this innovative equipment to extend its product family of polymer aerogel films to meet the needs of the rapidly growing markets for lightweight, advanced porous materials.

To learn more, please visit Blueshift at the JEC Show in Paris on March 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

About AeroZero®

AeroZero® is an advanced porous material produced using a synthetic organic polymer boasting high strength to density ratios, extreme temperature durability, and RF transparency.

As a 100 percent polyimide material, AeroZero® provides remarkable compression and tensile strength. AeroZero® offers the flexibility, strength, and safety needed to fit versatile manufacturing processes and uses.

About Blueshift

As pioneers in the advanced materials industry, Blueshift created AeroZero®, the revolutionary polymer aerogel. With precision and mastery, it provides a wide range of performance properties to serve not only as a composite material, but to empower innovative product design.

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