Polymer Aerogel Products

With a combination of properties never before commercially available in a single material, AeroZero® enables product designers to innovate light, high-performance goods.

Size and Availability


AeroZero® is now available in rolls up to 12 inches wide and 100 feet long at a thickness of 5 mil with 10 mil currently under development. This polymer aerogel film is flexible and easy to use.

AeroZero Lamination

AeroZero® Laminations

Blueshift and its customers have successfully laminated AeroZero® with metals, fibers, films, and other polymers. Due to its high surface energy, AeroZero® is easily bonded to other materials.

R&D Products

Polyimide Aerogel Stock Shapes are available in blocks up to 12 in. x 12 in. x .75 in. Our polymer aerogel can be machined to smaller dimensions and combined to make larger shapes using a variety of adhesives.

Product Highlights


With a density of 0.3 g/cm3 AeroZero® is approximately 5 times less dense than traditional polyimides. As various industries are lightweighting their products, AeroZero® will become a powerful asset for those looking to shed mass.

RF Transparency

With an ultra-low dielectric constant (Dk) of approximately 1.45 and an ultra-low loss tangent of approximately 0.004 over 1-10 GHz, AeroZero® film alters. With performance characteristics of wide bandwidth and high gain combined with material properties such as low density, environmental stability, and toughness superior to the current state of practice, new electronic concepts are enabled.

Thermal Control

Aerogels have long been prized as superior insulators, second only to vacuum. AeroZero® continues that tradition offering low thermal conductivity.

Environmentally Tolerant

Able to withstand a significant range of extremes from high temperatures to cryogenic conditions, AeroZero® can improve the construction and performance of many design types.

Tough & Flexible

AeroZero® uses the durability of polymers to provide remarkable compression resistance and tensile strength. As a stock shape, it has the mechanical strength to be a composite fore material. As a film, it has the flexibility to adhere to tight curvatures.


We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.