Polymer Aerogel Products

With a combination of properties never before commercially available in a single material, AeroZero® enables product designers to innovate light, high-performance goods.

Size and Availability


Blueshift AeroZero® is a polymer aerogel provided as a rolled thin film.

AeroZero® Laminations

Blueshift and its customers have successfully laminated AeroZero® with metals, fibers, films, and other polymers.

Applications & Research

Blueshift’s Applications and Research Team is responsible for developing a wide range of innovative solutions to meet their customers complex design requirements.

Product Highlights

Flexible Polymer Aerogel

Blueshift AeroZero® offers the same insulating and lightweight properties of traditional aerogels with the added benefit of being flexible. Traditional aerogels will fracture when exposed to uneven pressure which makes it impractical for use in many fields. The molecular structure of our advanced porous material is unique and allows it to bend and conform to uneven surfaces without disrupting the structure of the polymer bonds.

Durable Polymer Aerogel

AeroZero® is extremely durable and can withstand the stress and strain of modern manufacturing processes. Unlike traditional aerogels on the market, our polymer aerogel can be cut, sanded, and bonded to other materials. The molecular structure of AeroZero® allows it to mold and conform to the surrounding surfaces.


We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.