For applications where traditional polyimide tapes just don’t cut it.

RockeTape™ Polyimide
RockeTape™ Graphite
RockeTape™ Polyimide Tape
RockeTape™ Vapor Deposited Aluminized Polyimide Tape
The Power of RockeTape™

VDA Polyimide RockeTape™

Low Emissivity/High Reflectivity

In combination with our AeroZero® technology, VDA Polyimide exhibits exceptionally low emissivity/high reflectivity.

IR Tape

Vapor Deposited Aluminum Polyimide RockeTape™ provides a market leading combination of thermal protection and IR reflectivity.

Exterior Protection Layer

Can be used on external surfaces in radiation dominated environments to protect against extreme temperature swings.

Save Weight Space Application Time Material Cost

Conventional Polyimide Tapes



RockeTape™ vs Traditional PI Tapes

layers of polyimide film provide the same thermal resistance of 1 layer of RT
1 +
The only material that combines low thickness, low thermal conductivity, & high temp resistance
1 mil
Lower thermal conductivity than standard high temperature tapes on the market
1 X
Case Study
The highest performing polyimide film tape alternative.

Check out this case study to see why RockeTape™ is changing industry standards.

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