For applications where traditional polyimide tapes just don’t cut it.

RockeTape™ Polyimide Tape
RockeTape™ Polyimide
RockeTape™ Graphite
RockeTape™ Vapor Deposited Aluminized Polyimide Tape
The Power of RockeTape™

Graphite RockeTape™

XY Heat Spreading Layer

Graphite exhibits outstanding XY thermal conductivity to dissipate heat faster

Exterior Protection Layer

Can be used on external leading aero surfaces to provide exceptional protection against aero heating and contact heating

Lightweight Structure Protection

Applications ranging from -200 °C to 2,000 °C

Save Weight Space Application Time Material Cost

Conventional Polyimide Tapes



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The highest performing polyimide film tape alternative.

Check out this case study to see why RockeTape™ is changing industry standards.

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