Blueshift AeroZero®

Blueshift AeroZero® is a polymer aerogel provided as a rolled thin film. AeroZero® is a mechanically durable insulating film that is tolerant to very high heat and cryogenic temperatures.

AeroZero® Specs

Available Thickness

Available Length

AeroZero® is manufactured in up to 100 feet length. Because AeroZero® is a polymer aerogel, adhesives can be used to bond longer aerogel rolls.

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We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.

The Benefits of Choosing AeroZero®

Flexible Polymer Aerogel

Blueshift AeroZero® offers the same insulating and lightweight properties of traditional aerogels with the added benefit of being flexible. Traditional aerogels will fracture when exposed to uneven pressure which makes it impractical for use in many fields. The molecular structure of our advanced porous material is unique and allows it to bend and conform to uneven surfaces without disrupting the structure of the polymer bonds.

Durable Polymer Aerogel

AeroZero® is extremely durable and can withstand the stress and strain of modern manufacturing processes. Unlike traditional aerogels on the market, our polymer aerogel can be cut, sanded, and bonded to other materials. The molecular structure of AeroZero® allows it to mold and conform to the surrounding surfaces.


RF Transparency

AeroZero® has a low dielectric constant, making it ideal for the aerospace, electronics, and RF component industries.

AeroZero® film has a dielectric constant of 1.45 and a very low loss tangent of 0.004 over 1-10 GHz. As a material with a high thermal stability, strength, and thermal breaking capabilities AeroZero® has practical uses in telecommunications, radio frequency, and electrical equipment industries.

Material DK
Material Aluminum Oxide
DK 9.1
Material Fiberglass
DK 4.4
Material Polymide
DK 3.2
Material HDPE
DK 2.3
Material PTFE
DK 2.1
Material Blueshift AeroZero®
DK 1.45
Material Air
DK 1.0

AeroZero® Applications

Aerospace Material

As a low-density material, AeroZero® polymer aerogel is extremely versatile in the aerospace industry. AeroZero® can be used as insulation in aircraft to protect interior and machinery from extreme environments both hot and cold. Ceramic and other insulation materials are heavy which cuts into weight limit allowances, the density of AeroZero® aerogel is 0.30 g/cm3, approximately 1/5 that of normal polyimides (1.4 g/cm3). Go Lightweight and see what AeroZero® can do for you.

Aerogel Pipe Insulation

Our Polymer Aerogel is superior as an insulator than traditional woven fiber due to its high temperature envelope (-195°C to +300°C) and thermal conductivity of 0.03 W/m•K at room temperature. Unlike woven fibers which break down and lose material properties, AeroZero® is comprised of an advanced polymer with a high level of durability. Our advanced porous material is different from traditional insulation because it acts as a thermal break rather than insulator. Air is restricted when traveling through the porous molecular material and the materials structure can not be easily heated or cooled. Aerogel is far superior to traditional insulation because it is lightweight and does not have any environmental dusting hazards when cut.


We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions to tackle application challenges. Learn more about how AeroZero® enables innovative designs and contact Blueshift today.