A cool technology for hot spots


RockeTape™ leverages our patented AeroZero® structured air polymeric aerogel technology to deliver market-leading low thermal conductivity & diffusivity.​

Our Structured Air Technology

RockeTape is versatile and high performing, combining the properties of aerogel and polyimide into a thin, flexible, and easy-to-use adhesive tape.


Its one-of-a-kind, structured air aerogel composition delivers superior thermal insulation performance compared to traditional polyimide film tapes.

RockeTape - AeroZero

  • Great for protecting components from high temperature heat sources
  • Can be applied directly onto complex parts and surfaces
  • Use for interior surfaces where the AeroZero surface does not need a facing for extra protection

RockeTape - Graphite

  • Ideal for protecting from extremely high temperature heat sources
  • Great XY thermal conductivity to spread and dissipate heat faster
  • Exceptional protection for aeroheating and
    contact heating

RockeTape - Polyimide

  • Perfect for general use in exterior
    conditions that need protection from extreme temperature swings
  • Maximum thermal insulation performance
  • Environmental protection layer
  • Useful when RF transparency is required

Ultra Low Thermal Conductivity

Up to 7x lower thermal conductivity and diffusivity than polyimide films and insulation tapes on the market. Allows for high temperature hot spot mitigation in a wide array of applications.

Thin Format

RockeTape is a thin, lightweight, and low-density tape that is ideal for use in tight spaces, while maintaining great mechanical strength and flexibility.

Ease of Use

RockeTape uses a peel and stick silicone PSA that bonds easily to plastic, carbon fiber, glass, and metal.

2-in-1 Thermal Protection

Utilizes a unique 2-in-1 thermal protection as AeroZero combines high temperature polyimide and structured air. By adding superstrates, such as graphite or polyimide film, RockeTape provides even more protection in specialized ways.

Competitive Edge

When applied to a 200 °C contact heat source for 30 minutes, RockeTape delivers up to a 20 °C temperature drop. This temperature drop is significant enough to protect sensitive components from
overheating. RockeTape is up to 4x better than standalone polyimide film tape.


  • Amazing ability to protect a wide range of components from transient thermal events in aerospace, electronics, performance racing , and medical devices.
  • The innovative technology behind RockeTape allows for protection from some of the most demanding
    tasks on and off the planet.
  • With the small and thin design of the tape, it can protect small electronic components from overheating.