For applications where traditional polyimide tapes just aren’t cutting it.

RockeTape™ Graphite
RockeTape™ Polyimide
RockeTape™ Vapor Deposited Aluminized Polyimide Tape

RockeTape VS Traditional Polyimide Tapes

Lower thermal conductivity than standard high temperature tapes on the market
1 X
layers of polyimide film provide the same thermal resistance of 1 layer of RT
1 +
The only material that combines low thickness, low thermal conductivity, & high temp resistance
1 mil

Save Weight Space Application Time Material Cost

Conventional Polyimide Tapes


Downloadable Technical Data Sheets

These Blueshift product data sheets present specific installation and performance parameters for the RockeTape™ product range. Variations within the range employ different layers to product distinct performance profiles.

RockeTape™ AeroZero

Our core technology, AeroZero, is incorporated into all of our barrier materials. 

RockeTape™ AeroZero Graphite

RockeTape™ AeroZero Polyimide

RockeTape™ AeroZero VDA Polyimide

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