For applications where traditional polyimide tapes just aren’t cutting it.

RockeTape™ Graphite
RockeTape™ Polyimide
RockeTape™ Vapor Deposited Aluminized Polyimide Tape

RockeTape VS Traditional Polyimide Tapes

1 X
Lower thermal conductivity than standard high temperature tapes on the market
1 +
layers of polyimide film provide the same thermal resistance of 1 layer of RT
1 mil
The only material that combines low thickness, low thermal conductivity, & high temp resistance

Save Weight Space Application Time Material Cost

Conventional Polyimide Tapes


Downloadable Technical Data Sheets

These Blueshift product data sheets present specific installation and performance parameters for the RockeTape™ product range. Variations within the range employ different layers to product distinct performance profiles.

RockeTape™ AeroZero

Our core technology, AeroZero, is incorporated into all of our barrier materials. 

RockeTape™ AeroZero Graphite

RockeTape™ AeroZero Polyimide

RockeTape™ AeroZero VDA Polyimide

Have Confidence with RockeTape™.

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