RT-AZS    AeroZero

  • High temperature heat sources
  • Applied to complex shapes
  • Interior surface where AZ doesn’t need facing
  • Thickness = 0.0075 inches (190 microns)


RT-GRS    Graphite           

  • Extremely high temperature heat sources
  • Great XY thermal conductivity dissipate heat faster
  • Heat spreading layer
  • Exceptional protection for aero heating and contact heating
  • Thickness = 0.0105 inches (265 microns)


RT-PIS    Polyimide

  • Exterior conditions extreme temperature swings
  • Max thermal insulation
  • Environmental protection layer
  • RF transparency
  • Thickness = 0.0095 inches (240 microns)



Composed of AeroZero® + Our Proprietary, High-performance, Silicone PSA.

RockeTape has been proven by protecting components in the most demanding applications including its namesake – protecting aerospace rockets during launches and reentry; in automobiles and race cars rocketing from the starting line; and even smaller electronic devices to enable rocket-fast performance and long-lasting efficiency.

Ideal for Hot Spots, or any areas requiring quick-to-apply High-Temperature tape
for transient thermal events/quick temperature bursts.

The value is in the performance, application, and ease of use of the product.

  • 2-in-1 Insulative & High Temperature tape
  • Easy to apply to metal, glass & plastic surfaces
  • Lowest thermal conductivity & thermal diffusivity on the market
  • Easy to use, lightweight and ultra-low density
  • Temperature use between (-200°C – 300°C)


Additional Information

  • Dimensions = 1 inch x 25 feet
  • Custom sizes as well
  • Thickness = 0.0075 inches (190 microns)
  • GR = 0.0105 inches (265 microns)
  • PI = 0.0095 inches (240 microns)
  • Available with additional substrate layers upon further request


Uses for RockeTape


  • Reduce heat flow and surface temperature
  • Protect sensitive components
  • Remain RF transparent
  • Large industrial equipment
  • Small specialty electronics



  • AeroZero is used to enable booster ascent
  • Reentry and reuse
  • Aerogel developed by NASA used on rockets


High-Performance Race Cars & Boats 

  • Reduce heat swings in short-term use
  • Protect components during cyclical heating
  • Increase safety and performance


Semiconductors and Medical devices

  • Thermal insulation in tight spaces
  • Heat flow control in confined spaces


Application and Use

  • Cut, peel, apply via release liner
  • Layer and wind upon itself
  • Use on flat and curved surfaces
  • Protects materials such as:
    • Carbon fiber
    • PEEK
    • PEI
    • High performance thermoplastics
    • Sensitive metal components
    • Other plastics and polymers


Storage and Handling

  • Supplied in plastic bag with a desiccant pack
  • Place back into the bag with the desiccant pack for storage
  • Ideal storage conditions: 25°C and 50% R.H.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A