Polymer Aerogel Material Properties

An Advanced Porous Material
Empowering Innovative Designs

Blueshift’s advanced porous material, AeroZero® is a polymer aerogel with a range of problem-solving material properties. AeroZero® meets rigid performance requirements and pushes the boundaries of product designs across the aerospace, cryogenic, radio frequency, electronics, and automotive industries.


Our team of scientists, material engineers, and designers that make up Blueshift Materials is here to help integrate AeroZero® into your product design. We will work together to solve problems allowing your company to reach new heights.

The Benefits of Aerozero®


Our AeroZero® Stock Shape product is high machinability and is easily integrated into traditional and digital manufacturing and machining processes. Unlike silica, carbon, or metal oxide aerogels, no additional filtration, tool and die, or dust collection methods are needed.

High Strength To Weight Ratio

With an advanced porous structure, our polymer aerogel has a high strength to weight ratio, especially when bonded to other materials and as a composite core. Using the ASTM D395-14 compression testing method, our AeroZero® Stock Shape has a compressive strength of 1.6 MPa at 10% strain and 23°C and 1.2 MPa at 10% strain and 50°C.

Bondability And Material Compatibility

As a polymer aerogel, our advanced porous material can be bonded to other materials acting as a substrate forming a composite core material. Using various bonding compounds and methods it is able to adhere AeroZero® to other polymers, metals, plastics, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other materials.

RF Transparency

AeroZero®’s dielectric constant is 1.24 – 1.26 with a very low loss tangent of 0.0006-0.0009 over 1 – 50 GHz which is just 0.15 higher than air itself. As a material with superior thermally insulative capabilities, our polymer aerogel offers revolutionary properties for the radome, radar, and electronics industries.

Flexible Polymer Aerogel

Blueshift AeroZero® Rolled Film offers material flexibility without causing fractures or material wear. Unlike traditional aerogels, AeroZero® can be applied to uneven surfaces.


Our two main AeroZero® polymer aerogel products (Stock Shapes and Film) are approximately 7-9 times less dense than traditional polyimides. AeroZero® Stock Shapes have a density of approximately 0.15 g/cm3 and AeroZero® Film has a density of 0.20g/cm3.

Large Temperature Envelope

As an advanced porous material, AeroZero® maintains its material strength and durability through the temperature range of -195°C to 300°C. AeroZero’s® continuous service temperature is 300°C (572°F) and remains durable down to cryogenic temperatures of -195°C (-320°F).

Low Thermal Conductivity

AeroZero® Stock Shapes have a low thermal conductivity of 37 mW/KM at 23°C and AeroZero® Thin Film hold a thermal conductivity of 30 mW/KM at 23°C. Compared to the thermal conductivity of air, 24 mW/KM, our advanced porous material offers superior thermal breaking.

Temperature Stability

As a superior thermal break, AeroZero® can be used to create structures that require low thermal coefficient of expansion in all three dimensions.

Durable Polymer Aerogel

Blueshift AeroZero® is extremely durable and can withstand the stress and the strain of modern manufacturing processes. Unlike traditional aerogels on the market, our polymer aerogel can be cut, sanded, and bonded to other materials.


We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.