AeroZero’s® innovative material properties opens up a new frontier of innovation in product design, creativity, and efficiency.

AeroZero’s® unique properties solve complex and groundbreaking product development problems across markets, allowing for a new era of technological advancements. Our polymer aerogel is now being used in research and development projects across the aerospace and defense, RF and radar, electronics, and cryogenic industries.

AeroZero® consists of a highly porous polyimide network microstructure, providing it with ultra-low dielectric constant and loss properties. As a result, it is an ideal flexible substrate for high frequency applications where heat resistance and RF transparent solutions are required, including PCB, antennas, and radomes.

Our products such as AeroZero® Thermal Protection Systems and AeroZero Thermal Barriers provide superior thermal insulation to applications across the Aerospace & Defense industries, specifically for Missiles & Armaments, Rotorcrafts & Drones, and Satellites & Space.


Blueshift’s ultra-thin AeroZero® technology combines the thermal and lightweight benefits of an aerogel with the ease of use and chemical resistance of a polyimide film, providing a perfect thermal management substrate for complexly shaped medical devices.

See What AeroZero® Can Do For You

The team of scientists, material engineers, designers, and testers that make up Blueshift Materials is here to help integrate AeroZero® into your product design. We will work together to solve problems allowing your company to reach new heights.


We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.