Lightweight Structure Protection

We promise you haven’t seen lightweight structure protection done like this before

Technical Data Sheets

Our thermal protection systems employ a range of unique substrates to ensure distinct and high-performing profiles while maintaining a thin and flexible nature.

The technical data sheets below present the specific installation and performance parameters of our TPS.

Base AeroZero®

Our core technology, AeroZero, is incorporated into all of our thermal protection systems. 



VDA Polyimide

(3 Layers of AeroZero)

Video Presentation: Our Experts in Action

We are thermal material specialists. From finding the perfect solution for you, integrating it into your project, and ensuring the performance of our material, our goal is to help you have continued confidence in your lightweight structure designs.

Watch: Ease of Blueshift TPS Application

An advanced material known for its simple application

Never before has a TPS been so lightweight, thin, flexible, AND had such an easy application process. 

While it might seem like such an advanced material would be complicated to apply, it’s really as simple as peel and stick. 

Watch: Performance Test Using a Demo Hot Box

Watch our product at work.

Blueshift typically protects designs from transient/cyclical thermal event temperatures upwards of 2,000 ºC. For the purpose of presenting our technology in an easily digestible manner, we are using a demonstration hot box as the testing instrument for this 1-minute video.

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