AeroZero® Laminates

Our pioneering AeroZero® technology can be combined with other substrates for unrivaled performance.

AeroZero® Laminates

Our product’s unique combination of low thermal conductivity & diffusivity, high heat tolerance, ultra-low dielectric properties, high strength-to-density ratio – all in a very thin profile – make AeroZero laminates a preferred option in demanding industries around the world

AeroZero® Composites​

Laminate Types

Silicone Adhesive

Thermal Management Laminates

Metal or Graphite

Thermal Management Laminates (Ultra High Temp.)

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Cu Clad Flex & Multi-Layer Laminates

VDA Polyimide

Thermal Management Laminates

Flame Barrier

Thermal Management Laminates

Polyimide Film

Radome & Antenna Substrates

Our Laminate Constructions

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Benefits of AeroZero® in Composite Materials


With a machinability index comparable to balsa wood, and no toxic dusting when cut, AeroZero® is an easy material to work with and to integrate into existing manufacturing processes.


With a density of 0.27 g/cm3, nearly 5 times lower than the density of normal polyimides (1.4 g/cm3), AeroZero® will offer structural integrity while decreasing total weight.

RF Transparency

AeroZero® film’s dielectric constant is 1.45 with a very low loss tangent of 0.004 over 1 – 10 GHz, which is just 0.45 higher than air itself.


With an expected thermal conductivity of just 30mW/KM, the nanoscale voids that make up AeroZero significantly slow heat to transfer through the substance


AeroZero® possesses impressive mechanical strength relative to its density. When used in multilayer structures, AeroZero provides outstanding mechanical durability in a wide operating temperature envelope.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, once we laminate different layers to form a laminate, it is a composite. So, the two terms are used interchangeably.

Yes! Our team of thermal specialists is here to help you solve your thermal issues. If one of our products does not work exactly as you want, we’ll work with you to develop a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Our AeroZero® composites will elevate your technology.

Our team of experts are here to help you discover the perfect solution for your thermal needs.