Flame and Thermal Barrier

Redesigning the possible.

Ultimate Flame Protection
Expert insights
Flame Presentation (at CalPoly)


Thin profile & Lightweight

46 mil

High Temp Protection

25+ mins, ~ 1,000 °C flame & no burn through

Flame Retardant

UL94-VTM0 certified

Use Cases

Prevents fire penetration

During thermal events

Thermal runaway mitigation

Intumescent coating, cork, & mica replacement

On lightweight structures

Provides Battery
Thermal Runaway Protection

Technical Data Sheet
The thinnest material with the greatest performance.

Check out this case study to see why our Flame  and Thermal Barrier is changing industry standards.

Hard Data
Protecting Aluminum and Peek Under Thermal Loads Up to 500 ºC

This case study demonstrates how the superior thermal-control performance of Blueshift products can open up new possibilities for product design, performance, and lifespan.


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