Blueshift High-Performance Polyimide Aerogel Dielectric Substrate for Microwave Applications on display at European Microwave Week

Spencer, Mass.Blueshift will be exhibiting its High-Performance Polyimide Aerogel Dielectric Substrate for Microwave Applications at the European Microwave Week (EuWM) in London, UK, April 2—7, 2022. EuWM brings together those driving the future of microwave technology to learn about the very latest products, research, and initiatives in the microwave sector.

Blueshift’s AeroZero® platform will be featured at booth 191 where attendees can experience how AeroZero® is the potential solution to circuit designers’ search for the perfect “air” dielectric and how its properties can help transform the electronics market.

A high-performance polyimide film produced in a roll-to-roll format, AeroZero® is composed of a polyimide matrix offering 85 percent air content within its structure. This high air content creates a substrate with excellent signal propagation properties and superior RF transparency. The combination of air content and structure delivers a processable material with exceptional microwave performance and processability using standard printed circuit fabrication techniques. Copper Clad Laminates with the AeroZero® film as the dielectric substrate are also available from Blueshift.

AeroZero® film has been added to the most recent revision of IPC-4202C (Specification for Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Boards) which describes a novel, flexible base material comprised of a reticulated polyimide film. This standard establishes the classifications, qualification, and quality requirements for flexible base dielectric materials for use in the fabrication of flexible printed boards.

“The new IPC4202C specification sheet solidifies the use of polyimide aerogel materials in the flexible and microwave circuit industry,” said Tim Burbey, President, Blueshift. “These materials will benefit the electronics industry to broaden utilization of flexible circuits in high-speed and high temperature applications.”

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Blueshift Materials, Inc., is a company that designs, develops, and delivers efficient thermal solutions that unlock growth by being fast, focused, and flexible, collaboratively develop solutions that go far beyond that of a traditional supplier, specifically with Blueshift’s AeroZero® Thermal Protection System (AZ-TPS). These thin, lightweight thermal protection systems significantly increase the working temperature and operational lifetimes of composite, plastic, and metal aerospace parts. Our collaborative approach allows customers to rethink design and production of defense and aerospace air/space craft and devices, reassess market growth opportunities, and expand their own research and development plans. Learn more at


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