Blueshift thermal barriers provide extraordinary protection against flames and high heat—preserving the surrounding components from damage. The thin product profile enables tighter placement of flame- and heat-sensitive components, for more efficient space utilization.

The lightweight, easy-to-apply material enables savings in production and operational costs. (Not to mention the potential for extended product lifespans.)

Ultimately, Blueshift technology could enable your design concept to become a reality.

Hard Data: Protecting Aluminum and PEEK under thermal loads up to 500 °C

This set of three case studies demonstrates how the superior thermal-control performance of Blueshift products can open up new possibilities for product design, performance, and lifespan.

AZ-TPS and AeroZero films have achieved a UL94 VTM-0 classification—the highest-level flame retardancy rating that can be obtained for thin films.

Exclusive White Paper:

Gain insights in contending with Transient Thermal Events in critical applications.

Expert Insights

Watch this one-minute highlight from a Blueshift CalPoly presentation detailing the particular strengths of Blueshift products in applications involving batteries. 

Video Evidence

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of Blueshift’s AZ-TPS FRB in protecting a carbon-fiber composite when exposed to 1000 °C flame for 25 minutes.

With no protection, the composite is destroyed in less than 30 seconds!

Exclusive Downloadable Technical Data Sheets

These Blueshift product data sheets present specific installation and performance parameters for the AeroZero product range. Variations within the range employ different layers to product distinct performance profiles. You may select individual sheets, or choose to Download All. (Due to the detailed technical information contained in these sheets, registration is required.)

AeroZero TPS

Our core technology, AeroZero, is incorporated into all of our barrier materials. 

Flame and Thermal Barrier

Double-Sided Adhesive


Vapor Deposited Aluminum Polyimide

Vapor-Deposited Aluminum

Get your FREE 216x280mm [8.5x11”] sample of our revolutionary material to use in your own tests and experimentation. And discover what our TPS technology might enable for you.

Limit one free sheet. (Contact us to order additional sheets at standard pricing.)

Have confidence with Blueshift.

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