What is AeroZero?

Our one-of-a-kind material technology: it’s in everything we do.

Polyimide aerogels are a uniquely advanced material. The materials have a unique combination of low thermal conductivity and diffusivity, high heat tolerance, ultra-low dielectric properties, high strength-to-density ratio. Polyimide aerogels are incredibley porous (85% air). The “Structured Air” of the material results in low thermal conductivity and dielectric constant in a lightweight material. These benefits are combined with those inherent to a 100% polyimide structure. This means our “AeroZero” also has wide temperature range, high flame and chemical resistance, and great mechanical strength.


AeroZero® is a thin, polyimide aerogel film that is flexible and durable. The film is 85% porous and produced at 165 microns (6.5 mil) thickness. AeroZero provides the thermal insulation, RF transparency, dielectric properties, and lightweight benefits of an aerogel with the ease of use and mechanical strength of a plastic film.

Check out our technical data sheets for an in depth look at the data or check out our case studies to see our material working in action.

AeroZero’s 85% air composition, provides the unique properties of air with the strengths of traditional polyimides.

Nano-porous structure of AeroZero

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