AeroZero Receives UL94 VTM-0 Rating

Blueshift Materials, Inc. (Blueshift) announced today that AeroZero® and AeroZero® HT Tape™ both received a UL94 VTM-0 classification, the highest-level flame retardancy rating that can be obtained for a thin film. AeroZero® is Blueshift’s flagship polyimide aerogel thin film (5 mil / 125 µm thickness), and AeroZero® HT Tape™ is an insulative laminate tape made from AeroZero® polyimide aerogel film combined with a high temperature (HT) 1 mil / 25.4 µm silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA).

The low thickness profile, low Dk/Df, and low thermal conductivity of AeroZero® and AeroZero® HT Tape™ provide exceptional thermal insulation and electrical design in tight design spaces. These characteristics, now combined with exceptional flame retardancy, provide increasing design and performance value in the market trend towards miniaturization. By providing an inherently flame-retardant polyimide aerogel with a low thermal conductivity, both AeroZero® film and AeroZero® HT Tape™ can now be utilized in a wide range of electronics infrastructure, and commercial aerospace and automotive applications.