AeroZero® RF Transparent Materials

Lower Dielectric Constant than PTFEs

The dielectric constant of AeroZero is 1.45, vs the dielectric constant of PTFE is 2.1. A lower dielectric constant is helpful for many PCB and coaxial cable applications.

No Dielectric Knee

The dielectric properties of PTFE change at room temperature due to the conformational change in the PTFE polymers with temperature. This does not happen with AeroZero, resulting in very stable dielectric properties with changes in temperature.

Higher Thermal Stability

PTFE beings to decompose at 260 C, and releases toxic hydrofluoric acid fumes at 350 C. AeroZero is stable to much higher temperatures.

Easier to Process – better adhesion and lower CTE

PTFE is known for it’s low surface energy and slippery nature, which makes it very difficult to bond to. AeroZero is known for having a very high surface energy and a CTE nearer to that of common metals.

Low Dielectric Products

AeroZero Copper Clad Laminate for RF Transparent Applications

AZ-TPS Copper Laminates

AeroZero Polyimide Thermal Protection System

AZ-TPS Polyimide

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