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AeroZero® Polymer Aerogel Films

AeroZero® is an advanced porous roll to roll film made from a high performance synthetic polyimide polymer boasting high strength to weight ratios, extreme temperature durability, low thermal conductivity and a ultra-low dielectric constant and loss tangent.

Who Is Blueshift?

As experts in the thermal and electronic materials industry, Blueshift created AeroZero®, a revolutionary polymer aerogel film. With precision and mastery, AeroZero® provides a wide range of performance properties to serve not only as a laminate material layers, but to empower innovative product design.

What Is Polymer Aerogel?

A polymer aerogel combines the benefits of an aerogel with the conveniences of a plastic (i.e., polymer). As a 100% polyimide material, our AeroZero® provides remarkable compression resistance and tensile strength. AeroZero® offers the flexibility, strength, and safety needed to fit versatile manufacturing processes and uses.

Developing Solutions Together

Our dedicated team of researchers, designers, testers, and materials scientists are devoted to developing streamlined solutions in a growing range of applications. From product design all the way to the manufacturing process, our team will make sure AeroZero® is functioning at its full potential every step of the way.


Polyimide Aerogel Laminates

AeroZero® offers properties never before available in a single material, enabling product designers to innovate lightweight, high-performance products.

Create the Future of Your Industry

Aerospace and Defense

With high thermal resistance and a low dielectric constant, AeroZero® is perfectly suited for aerospace applications.

RF Components

With an ultra-low dielectric constant (Dk) of approximately 1.45 and an ultra-low loss tangent of approximately 0.004 over 1-10 GHz, AeroZero® film offers RF engineers a new unique material to design with that is ideal for wireless antenna substrates, radar manifolds, and radomes.

Electronics and Communication

As a flexible substrate or RF-transparent radome, AeroZero® film and laminates provide new opportunities enabling innovative electronic designs.

The AeroZero® Product Line


Blueshift AeroZero® provides outstanding thermal insulation, high thermal stability, and has a low dielectric constant. Our rolled film polymer aerogel is extremely flexible and can easily conform to contoured and uneven surfaces.
AeroZero Lamination

AeroZero® Laminations

AeroZero® polyimide aerogel films provide a wide range of performance properties enabling innovation in the laminate films and materials industries. As an advanced porous material comprised out of 100% high performance synthetic polyimide polymer, AeroZero® easily bonds to a variety of materials.

R&D Products

Polymer aerogel products in development and can be discussed upon request.


We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.