Stock Shape Aerogel

Blueshift AeroZero® Stock Shapes are made up of a 100% organic polymer, which offers superior strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, and is durable to stress and manufacturing processes.

AeroZero® Stock Shapes offer the strength and safety needed to be adapted into composite structures and innovative designs. See what polymer aerogel can do for you.

AeroZero® Specs

Custom Polymer Aerogel Shapes

As an advanced porous material with superior machinability, AeroZero® makes it easy to develop custom formed or milled parts for advanced product designs. Using traditional manufacturing processes, polymer aerogel parts are achievable through employing traditional fabrication methods.

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We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.

The Benefits of Choosing Stock Shape


Blueshift AeroZero® has a density of 0.15 g/cm3 which is 1/7th of the density of normal polyimides (1.4 g/cm3). With our patented manufacturing process we are able to achieve a quality and lightweight polymer aerogel with a strong molecular structure.


Polymer aerogel is extremely strong and unlike silica aerogel, AeroZero® can withstand fracturing and uneven pressure. Polymer aerogel is easier to integrate into modern manufacturing processes because it can be cut, sanded, and bonded to other materials.


AeroZero® has a similar machinability index to a balsa wood, which allows it to be easily shaped using conventional blades. Being comprised of an organic polymer our advanced porous material does not contribute significantly to tool wear, and does not contribute to high friction cutting stress.


The thermal conductivity of our advanced porous material AeroZero® is expected to be 30 mW/KM. The thermal conductivity value of AeroZero® is low due to the nano-scale voids which create a thermal break. The nano-scale voids make it more difficult for heat to be transferred both through the material.

RF Transparency

Blueshift polymer aerogel has a dielectric constant of 1.25 over 1-10 GHz, which is just 0.25 higher than air. A dielectric constant is the ability of a material to store electricity and determines how disruptive a material is to radio frequencies and energy transfers. The low dielectric constant of AeroZero® allows it to be used in radome designs and in electronics.

Temperature Stability

As a superior thermal break, AeroZero® can be used to create structures that require low thermal coefficient of expansion in all three dimensions.

Shaping Methods

CNC Milling

Our AeroZero® Stock Shapes are a reliable base form for product designing and prototyping through CNC milling and fabrication practices. Our polymer aerogel will not need custom tool and die work or additional particulate filtration to machine. As an organic polymer, no additional dust protection is needed to ensure a safe working environment. Because AeroZero® has a low machinability water cooled machining methods do not need to be employed when running rapid cutting paths.

Custom Forming

For product prototyping and design testing, CNC milling larger pieces is the most price effective method. Once you form an effective design we will work with you to develop molds and forms allowing for your polymer aerogel part to be mostly constructed without contributing to material waste. Our team of skilled designers and testers will work with you to develop the best-formed aerogel for your product models.


We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions to tackle application challenges. Learn more about how AeroZero® enables innovative designs and contact Blueshift today.