Stock Shape Aerogel

Blueshift AeroZero® Stock Shapes are made up of a 100% organic polymer which offers superior strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, and is durable to stress and manufacturing processes. AeroZero® Stock Shapes offer the strength and safety needed to be adapted into composite structures and innovative designs. See what polymer aerogel can do for you.

Low Dielectric Constant

Blueshift polymer aerogel has a dielectric constant of 1.15 which is just 0.15 higher than air. A dielectric constant is the ability of a material to store electricity and determines how disruptive a material is to radio frequencies and energy transfers. The low dielectric constant of AeroZero® allows it to be used in radome designs and in electronics.


Blueshift AeroZero® has a density of 0.15 g/cm3 which is 1/7th of the density of normal polyimides (1.4 g/cm3). With our patented manufacturing process we are able to achieve a quality and lightweight aerogel with a strong molecular structure.


The thermal conductivity of our Blueshift AeroZero® is expected to be 20 mW/m-K. The thermal conductivity value is so high because aerogel is a thermal break with nano-scale voids. It is hard for air to travel through the voids and slows down the movement of heat.


Polymer aerogel is extremely strong and unlike silica aerogel, AeroZero® can withstand fracturing and uneven pressure. Polymer aerogel is easier to integrate into modern manufacturing processes because it can be cut, sewn, and bonded to other materials.

Aerogel Specs

Size Availability

AeroZero® Stock Shapes are available in varying sizes and can be manufactured to fit your design. Because our aerogel is made of an organic polymer adhesives can be applied to the surface to achieve multiple layer structures.

Length Width Thickness
1.0 ft 1.0 ft 0.1 in
1.0 ft 1.0 ft 1.0 ft

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