The RockeTape™ family of products leverages Blueshift’s patented AeroZero® Structured Air polymeric aerogel technology to deliver a market-leading combination of low thermal conductivity and diffusivity.

  • RockeTape is versatile and high performing, combining the properties of aerogel and polyimide into a thin, flexible, and easy-to-use adhesive tape.
  • Its one-of-a-kind, Structured Air aerogel composition delivers superior thermal insulation performance compared to traditional polyimide film tapes.

RockeTape - AeroZero

  • Great for protecting components from high temperature heat sources
  • Can be applied directly onto complex parts and surfaces
  • Use for interior surfaces where the AeroZero surface does not need a facing for extra protection

RockeTape - Graphite

  • Ideal for protecting from extremely high temperature heat sources
  • Great XY thermal conductivity to spread heat faster
  • Exceptional protection for aeroheating and
    contact heating

RockeTape - Polyimide

  • Perfect for general use in exterior
    conditions that need protection from extreme temperature swings
  • Maximum thermal insulation performance
  • Environmental protection layer
  • Useful when RF transparency is required