Polymer Aerogel Applications

AeroZero’s® innovative material properties opens up a new frontier of innovation in product design, creativity, and efficiency.

AeroZero’s® unique properties solve complex and groundbreaking product development problems across industries, allowing for a new era of technological advancements. Our polymer aerogel is now being used in research and development projects across the aerospace, RF and radar, electronics, and cryogenic industries.

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The team of scientists, material engineers, designers, and testers that make up Blueshift Materials is here to help integrate AeroZero® into your product design. We will work together to solve problems allowing your company to reach new heights.

Aerospace & Defense

AeroZero® is structured air. Its low thermal conductivity, wide temperature range, low density, small footprint and ease of application make it an essential material for Aerospace & Defense product developers.

Customers designing products benefit from AeroZero® film, because of its superior insulating properties and RF transparency – ultra-low dielectric constant and loss tangents of 1.45 and 0.004 over 1-10 GHz. Customers manage hot spots with thin and lightweight AeroZero® heat shields and thermal management tapes.

Lose weight, save space and make your process simpler with AeroZero®

Electronics & Communications

Small footprint AeroZero® saves valuable space and weight while delivering first class performance. AeroZero® makes new and improved designs possible because of its thinness and ultra-low dielectric constant. This 100% polyimide insulation means that your product is dust-free and clean. Semiconductor equipment manufacturers value AeroZero’s® range of hot and cold temperature performance, from 250 °C+ down to -200 °C and below.

RF Antennas & Radomes

AeroZero® film offers an incredibly low dielectric constant of 1.45 and a very low loss tangent of 0.004 over 1 – 10 GHz. The combination of lightweight, thermal insulation, and RF transparency makes AeroZero® a superior insulator for radio frequency equipment including antenna substrates and radomes. AeroZero® can be easily bonded to materials and converted to specific sizes and thicknesses.


We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.