Medical Devices

As the medical device industry continues to grow in both size and complexity, the thermal challenges they must face reciprocate. With the world’s population quickly expanding, the technologies designed to keep everyone safe require more efficient and cunning edge capabilities, especially in the medical device field.

AeroZero® is the core technology used in thermal protection systems and thermal insulation, and protects sensitive components from heat and prevents failure. This is of the utmost importance in the medical field, as device failure can result in catastrophic consequences. Our thin and lightweight insulation materials are easy to incorporate into tight design spaces while providing drastic thermal protection.

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Ablation & Plasma Cutting

In many ablation, or plasma-mediated ablation applications, the device being used undergoes an extreme transient thermal event resulting in a rapid temperature flux. To mitigate this, devices require a thin insulative barrier in order to protect the patient, as well as the components of the device.

AeroZero® laminations provide lightweight and easy to use thermal protection for next generation medical device applications. Specifically, where design space and weight are a concern, AeroZero thermal barriers allow for drastically reduced temperatures with minimal weight added.

Other Thermal Challenges

Heat Sinks, Coolers, Imaging Devices, etc

The demand for both performance and innovation continue to reach all-time highs and these medical devices are driven toward being lighter, smaller and more accurate. As a result, the thermal management systems that protect the sensitive components of these devices need to be best in class.

AeroZero® Thermal Barriers are ideal for hot spot mitigation and reducing temperatures of the overall device making it easier to use the device with patients. The combination of a chemically resistant & biocompatible polymer with a thermally insulative sheet position AeroZero thermal barriers to solve next generation medical device issues.