Electronics & Communication

Blueshift’s AeroZero® is a new flexible, thin dielectric substrate for high-speed, high frequency digital applications. The substrate can be used as an inner layer or as the main component of a multilayer printed circuit board for data communication components including RF antennas and radomes.

By combining the thermal insulating polyimide film with thermal interface materials, AeroZero laminates provide improved thermal protection of electronic components across the Electronics & Communications Markets.

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We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions to tackle application challenges. Learn more about how AeroZero® products enable innovative designs and contact Blueshift today.

Radomes and Antenna Substrates

Antennas, radomes, and other radar equipment require immense thermal and structural protection from the environment. Many antennas now require a heat shield incorporated within the protective radome, or a built-in protection system to limit overheating while maintaining RF transparency.

AeroZero® Thermal Barriers provide excellent protection from the increasingly drastic environmental conditions that antennas and radomes experience. The combination of lightweight, thermal insulation, and RF transparency makes AeroZero a superior insulator for radio frequency equipment including antenna substrates and radomes.

Electric Vehicle Batteries

As the world transitions to more sustainable practices for batteries and energy storage, our customers are seeing a dramatic trend toward renewable and highly efficient batteries. Cars, boats, and even planes are switching to environmentally friendly substitutes, like batteries, as a primary source of energy. 

To replace traditionally powered systems, these next generation high-performance batteries emit elevated temperatures, creating new thermal challenges. AeroZero® Thermal Barriers control heat from high-powered batteries, resulting in a more durable and energy efficient system.

Flexible and Rigid PCBs

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are essential to any device that contains electronic components that must be controlled. They consist of alternating layers of very thin copper and dielectric substrates; an example can be seen in Figure 1.

The inner substrate chosen can vary, whether the PCB is designed to be flexible or rigid.

AeroZero® film has ultra-low loss properties (dielectric constant of 1.45 and loss tangent of 0.003), a wide active temperature range (from 260 °C+ down to -200 °C and below) and superior chemical resistance. 

As a result, it can be incorporated as the inner substrate of a flexible PCB or can be laminated to the dielectric substrate in a rigid PCB to lower the overall dielectric constant of the stack.

Figure 1: A schematic of a Printed Circuit Board showing the different layers required. 


We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions to tackle application challenges. Learn more about how AeroZero® enables innovative designs and contact Blueshift today.