Blueshift Materials Earns JEC Americas Award in the Raw Materials Category

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – May 27, 2015 – Blueshift Materials, Inc. today announced it has been named the winner of the JEC Innovation Awards in the Raw Materials category for its AeroZero®, a lightweight, 100 percent-polymer aerogel that is easily incorporated into composites. The 2015 JEC Americas Award winners include a wide range of carefully selected products. Key trends among winners include the capability of mass production and the ability to economically deliver enhanced efficiency.

“The emphasis on the lightweighting of products has sparked a growing need for composite materials such as AeroZero™ due to their low density nature and high thermal insulating properties. However, existing aerogels are made from particulate silica, which inhibits their adoption in composite structures,” said Garrett Poe, Executive Vice President, Blueshift Materials. “Blueshift AeroZero® was designed to be a highly capable core material that is extremely easy to incorporate into composites, meeting the needs of a variety of industries while seamlessly overcoming this significant obstacle organizations face with other aerogel solutions.”

AeroZero’s® value derives from its all-polymer construction combined with its porous aerogel internal structure. This unique core material is very lightweight, with a density of 0.15 g/cm3 or less, and prevents heat transfer. Unlike other core materials, it exhibits high strength, compression resistance, toughness, low dielectric constant, tolerances to a wide range of temperature, easy-bonding surfaces, and is a very clean material to handle.

The scalability of Blueshift AeroZero® also makes it a unique market offering, which is possible due to several novel manufacturing and processing steps that were developed. The product also meets the needs of a variety of industries, including oil and gas, aerospace and automotive. A low-density yet strong material and a 100 percent-polyimide polymer construction, AeroZero® eliminates dusting and does not require dangerous material handling protocols.

Blueshift Materials will showcase its AeroZero® product at JEC Americas in Houston, Texas on June 2 – 4, 2015, joining others in the composite industry to showcase how their materials are pushing the limits of Innovation across industries.

For more information visit and to learn more about AeroZero® at JEC Americas, visit Blueshift Materials at booth #1551.

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About Blueshift

Blueshift provides best-in-class state of the art LIGHTWEIGHT materials. Our initial product, AeroZero®, is the first commercially available Polyimide Aerogel in the world. Its creation derives from customer demand for a clean, lightweight, small footprint insulation material.