Applications & Research

Blueshift’s Applications and Research Team is responsible for developing a wide range of innovative solutions to meet their customers complex design requirements. We focus on low-loss and thermal management applications; however, we are open to discussing your custom application challenges.

The talented team of scientists and engineers at Blueshift have developed a variety of polymeric materials for an assortment of applications. By collaborating with organizations and universities, Blueshift and their partners have the power to develop next generation solutions.


Polymer Aerogel Technology Platform

Blueshift leverages their advanced technology department to provide a state-of-the-art polymer aerogel technology platform to develop Thermal Management and RF Transparent based products. In combination with our extensive manufacturing capabilities, the Applications and Research Team uses polymer aerogel process technology to help our customers make innovative and impactful products.

Need More Details?

We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions, tackle application challenges and support innovative designs.

Blueshift's Advanced Technology Center

Our manufacturing process starts with our proprietary polymerization. Our patented technology creates a strong molecular polymer gel. The polymer gel is shaped with molds or cast with a film. The liquid in the shape is replaced with air to leave a polymer skeleton with nano-scale voids. We have developed manufacturing technologies to commercialize polymer aerogels.

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How We Innovate


We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions to tackle application challenges. Learn more about how AeroZero® enables innovative designs and contact Blueshift today.