Applications & Research​

Developing a wide range of innovative solutions to meet our customers complex design requirements.

How we work

Our Applications and Research Team is responsible for developing a wide range of innovative solutions to meet our customers’ complex design requirements.

Our team of thermal specialists uses polymer aerogel process technology to help our customers make innovative and impactful products.

Polymer Aerogel Technology Platform​

We deliver the world's leading combination of thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, RF transparency and thinness of profile in easily handled lightweight, roll to roll product offerings. Our structured air processing technology is one of the most advanced processes in the world.

Thermal Protection Systems

Our TPS controls heat flow when challenging temperature or space restrictions exist

Thermal Barriers

Our technology is ideal for hot spot elimination and to control heat flow within confined spaces


Created by combining AeroZero® film with a high-temperature adhesive, and at least one other substrate such as metals, polyimides, or other materials


RockeTape leverages our patented AeroZero® structured air polymeric aerogel technology to deliver market-leading low thermal conductivity and diffusivity

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